How to establish MC60 BLE connection with AT-commands?

Hello guys,
I have MC60 module connected with my pc by usb cable
I want to establish Bluetooth connection with the blueTerminal mobile app by sending AT-Commands from putty terminal.
I followed the manua commands from Quectel and I get two devices named Quectel-BT when I scan for devices from my phone, one of them doesn’t need the pairing code to pair with so I succeded to pair with it .
But when I try to connect with it it says “write descriptor not found in service”

I want to have all the At-commands needed to make the MC60 bluetooth work from the beginning to the endI really need help guys, every comment will be appreciated

Thank you in advance

hi, Yahya.Yozo:
I don’t know if you already have this manual, I suggest you follow this manual to operate.Quectel_MC60&M66&M66 R2.0&M66-DS_BT_Application_Note_V1.3.pdf (531.2 KB)