How to enable QZSS positioning with BG96?


I’m working on development of GPS asset tracker with BG96.
Using at+qgpsloc command, it collects position information and post to server. Basically it works well.
Now I’m curious if it uses QZSS or not.

If I enable Beidou by gnssconfig command like AT+QGPSCFG="gnssconfig", 1, does it already using QZSS also for positioning?
Or, do I need to do something special such as upload a specific firmware to enable QZSS for positioning?

In both BG96 GNSS AT commands manual and BG96 GNSS Application Note, I could not find description about how to enable QZSS for positioning.
Just for NMEA sentences, I found that QZSS sentences will be output along with Beidou sentences.

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Thanks for the answer.
I thought that the enable/disable of NMEA sentences is just about if the module output sentences when requested by AT+QGPSGNMEA command, which is independent to AT+QGPSCFG="gnssconfig" controlling which constellation to be used as a whole system.
Let me change my question.

Does BG96 use QZSS to get position by following commands?:

AT+QGPSCFG="gnssconfig",1    // GLONASS ON/BeiDou ON/Galileo ON
AT+QGPS=1                    // Turn on GNSS.
~~ wait for fix ~~
AT+QGPSLOC?                  // Obtain positioning information.

Could you let me know the confirmation status?
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I suppose whenever GPS is enabled, QZSS is also enabled.
However you need to check PRN number stated in the NMEA messages to see if any QZSS satellites have been used.

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Thanks, let me confirm.