How to enable mmWave on RM510Q-GL

I have a RM510Q-GL with a RA510T and 5G mmWave EVB kit and while the the device works and can connect to normal 5G networks, it cant seem to detect or connect to the mmWave network. Said network is working and another quectel device can connect to it, so the network is fine.

I have tried commands like AT+QMMWENABLE=1 to enable the mmWave functionality, but they just return errors and none of the at+qmmw… commands are listed when prompted


Dear @TiagoCF
RM510QGLAAR11A04M4G_01.200.01.200 is the latest firmware.

Did you check the antennas? Is it correct?

Dear @TiagoCF
Please share the response of at+qmmwenable=1, take a screenshot.

I believe they are. We have checked the antennas and the cable connections from the antenna attachments to the Quectel board, they all appear to be firmly attached in the right places and even the right order of overlapping presented in the manual.



That is the response, the same way as if the command had a typo.
I tried the commands to make the error verbose but since there is no error code, nothing changed. To me it feels as if the mmwave related at+commands are somehow missing since the behaviour is the same as if I tried those commands and setup in a quectel with no mmwave capabilities.

The firmware is the one that came already installed, do we need to reinstall it and change something during the installation to enable this command set?