How to enable GPS+Galileo+IRNSS on L89 GNSS module? Also what is the latest firmware version for L89 (not L89 R2.0)?

I want to use GPS+Galileo+IRNSS on L89 Module.
How do I do it?
What’s the latest version of firmware available for this module?

PS: It’s not L89 R2.0. It’s just plain L89 Module.

Hi Pan-yi,

You can refer to the command below.

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Hi Raphael,

Thanks for replying. But my question is about $PSTMSETCONSTMASK not for $PSTMCFGCONST.

What about latest fw version?

Hi Pan-yi,

You can set GPS+Galileo+IRNSS by sending $PSTMSETCONSTMASK,1033*24

L89 latest firmware is L89NR01A09. You can check the firmware version by sending $PSTMGETPAR,1500
In firmware L89NR01A09, the default constellation configuration is GPS+Galileo+IRNSS

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