How to drive the PWM in SC20 development board?

Hi Support Team,

We have a custom board based on the SC20 development board. Similar to SC20 development board we have used the same PWM(pin 29 ) to drive the backlight for the display but we are facing issue in driving the PWM . So, can you please share the steps to enable the backlight using PWM?


You can get it form Quectel_SC20_Display_Driver_Development_Guide part 3.

Hi shree,
Do you have a hardware manual for the SC20? The pwm backlight as follow:
the pwm driver is in path: kernel\drivers\clk\qcom\clock-gpio.c, and this is a ready-made file in our sc20 moudle.
the dtsi file is in path: kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/msm8909-mtp.dtsi

Then you can compling the boot.img, and use the fastboot command download it into sc20 moudle, and it is also a ready-made file in our sc20 moudle.

you can read it , thank you~