How to download the Quectel Genie Toolkit for BC66 debug?

We need this tool debug BC66 module we are not able to camp on our cell


Quectel_GENIE操作指导与参考(CN&EN)_BC20&BC26&BC66.pdf (2.0 MB)
or by AT+QENG=0 to query the camped cell

Thanks Herbert for your help, but can I get access to the toolkit also


I have sent your email

Thanks Herbert for your support, Can you please also share the link for TE-B USB Driver needed for the Genie App the link in the document is not working


you try

Hi Herbert, What is this .dec file which is required here?


please your current firmware version,excute


Revision: BC66NBR01A07 (2.7 MB)

Thanks Herbert, Now I’m able to start the logging but I’m not seeing anything, I’m selecting the interface 1 and interface 2 for the logging.

Is there any configuration I’m missing, we are not getting any USB interfaces for this?

Please screenshot “Device Manager → Ports”


Select COM5 for GKI, leave HSL unselected for now, please try again
or try USB
Quectel_GENIE操作指导与参考(CN&EN)_BC20&BC26&BC66.pdf (2.0 MB)

Herbert, I’m getting above error when I tried with USB connection

I can’t look into the details of the reason, I suggest you consult the documentation first, and then try

The GENIE tool has expire can you please share the latest version of the tool?


Can I get access to this Genie tool in the link?


This link is shared and you try to download it