How to do m66 communication with microcontroller

sir, im new to quectell …im doing project on m66 and pic microcontroller…i want to communicate with microcontroller pic16f877a via uart ports …i installed eclipse, qcom, qflash, M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.0_Eclipse…next what should do next ?( where do i program, program references , free codes etc,)…

Hi Mohan ,

you don’t need the eclipse SDK to communicate to module , you can use UART interface of module to communicate with your MCU and then using AT command you can communicate to module .
Please note GPIO level of Module is 2.8V level so you need to have resistor divider circuit while communicating to MCU working on 3.3V . Please refer HD document .

hello ratan ,thx for ur reply…
tell me …am i need to do this ? write the c program using command sentences, directives given in open_cpu document …with the help of examples given in open_cpu and compile using gcc_compiler and need to upload program in q_flash

Hi Mohan ,

you need not to do this all .

you need to write c code in your MCU , there your MCU will send AT commands to module and get response from module over UART .
you will write UART peripheral handling for MCU to control module .

OpenCPU code is not applicable at all .

Thank you