How to distinguish two EC25 Quectel module connected to a NanoPi?

Hi everyone,
I have 2 EC25-EUX modules and they’re connected to a 4-way USB hub. The hub is connected to a nanoPi with Ubuntu 20.04 server.
When I enter ls /dev/ command, 8 ttyUSB ports are displayed (from 0 to 7). I get the attributes of each port by entering udevadm info --name=/dev/ttyUSBx command.
Also I have a rule file which maps one EC25 ttyUSB ports to Ubuntu command and diag ports by using ttyUSB attributes like idVendor, idProduct, … . I`m searching for a way or a specific attribute which I can distinguish ttyUSb ports of each EC25 modules.

Yes. It is hard to distinguish.
The ways to distinguish are:

  1. The IMEI is different.
    2.Bind the device with the usb port.
    One port it might be: 1-1
    The other port it might be 2-1.