How to connect wifi and lte in sc20 yocto linux

hi we are using quectel sc20 smart module for our gateway application and we have successfully compiled and loaded the yocto linux
now we are trying to connect wifi using wpa_supplicant but we are facing issue
RSO command 2 lastSentCmd 2, RSO is out of sync in HOST-FWR
and can you give some procedure to connect 4g using terminal with out qt apps

kindly can you provide me the solution ASAP


If you enter the comman “WIFI” and follow it, it can work well and connect with your AP.

i am trying to connect wifi using wifi_try but i was unable to connect to wifi and error i am getting as shown below

wifi_try -s ‘vijay_5G’ -a “wpa” -p '#$AD5G20@!'
[ 258.272019] send_filled_buffers_to_user: 79 callbacks suppressed
[ 258.277012] send_filled_buffers_to_user: Send Failed -3 drop_count = 471
[ 258.304073] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wtry: link is not ready
**[ 260.144024] [10:38:30.781357] [000000012CC8AABB] [VosMC] wlan: [E :PE ] limProcessSwitchChannelRsp: **
4153: channelChangeReasonCode 1 status 0
**[ 260.222384] [10:38:30.859715] [000000012CDF9FA0] [VosMC] wlan: [E :HDD] 00:0a:f5:c2:81:dd connected **
to 60:32:b1:70:b7:9d
[ 260.233034] [10:38:30.870357] [000000012CE2BDEF] [VosMC] wlan: [E :HDD] wlan(36) 60:32:b1:70:b7:9d S
[ 260.242871] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wtry: link becomes ready
Connection success
[ 260.491456] [10:38:31.128792] [000000012D2E7453] [VosMC] wlan: [E :HDD] wlan: disconnected
[ 260.498797] [10:38:31.136135] [000000012D309B16] [VosMC] wlan: [E :HDD] wlan(0) 00:00:00:00:00:00 St
sh: can’t kill pid 3921: No such process
[ 261.530300] [RMNET:HI] rmnet_config_notify_cb(): Kernel is trying to unregister wtry
[ 261.570291] [RMNET:HI] rmnet_config_notify_cb(): Kernel is trying to unregister wtry

and can you give procedure to connect 4g from command line


please try the "WIFI“.

wifi_try is not sure.

and can you please provide me how to connect 4g network from command line

connect 4G and set up datacall from command line.

Do you have the SC20_Linux_Data_Call_User_Guide_V1.2?

Detail please refer to

thanks for your support we dont have any user guides
kindly can you share me the related document so that we can kick start the project
once again thanks


All the documents are on the FTP server.
The sales will give you the FTP address and the user and the password.