How to connect bc-65 g to the arduino ide

Dear sir/mam,
I have BC-95 g module with the GSM/NB-IoT EVB Kit. Could you please tell me how can i connect this board to ardunio IDE?
or how can i check the module is working or not ? I am in Denmark and I have TDC nb-iot SIM.
Can anyone guide me to connect and check the CSQ?


We just need to connect the serial ports from our nb-iot EVB to the ardunio IDE board.

Send AT instructions to BC95 modules on nb-iot EVB via the ardunio IDE development board via serial ports.Refer to Quectel_GSM_EVB_User_Guide_V3.4

If check if the module is working?[abner] you can connect nb-iot EVB to the computer through a serial port line, and then send AT instructions to the module through a serial port debugging assistant.

Check the CSQ?[abner] you can send corresponding inspection instructions to the module through serial debugging assistant. AT+CIMI checks whether the SIM card and AT+NBAND are recognized.Confirm whether there is network coverage in the band supported by the module, check whether there is signal in the field by AT+CSQ, etc. For details, please refer to Quectel_BC35-G&BC28&BC95 R2.0_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.4