How to communicate with FC41D Module to send data over WIFI

I am using the FC41D-TE-B evaluation board to communicate with the module over WIFI. For my project, I want to send some data in 8-bit hex format for example ‘0X30’ to the FC41D module over WIFI either through a mobile application or via terminal software like Putty. Once the module receives the data then, I want to send it to the onboard host process over UART for further processing. My question is that how should I operate my FC41D Module, either in STA mode or in AP mode? Also, once it is set up in any particular mode then how can I pass my desired data to the module over WIFI? Thanks.


You may use TCP transmission, please refer to the following image:

Thanks for the reply. So with the FC41D Module, what are the different ways to pass my WiFi SSID and Password? Do you have any sample code for this application? Also, considering our product will go worldwide which is the best way to pass WiFi SSID and password via Bluetooth or AP mode or is there any other way to do so?

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