How to check network connectivity without adding any data charge

I am using a Quectel EC25-AF module in an iot product. I want to check the network connectivity of my LTE sim using at command or any other method. But I also not want to add any additional data charge to my consumer.

What can be the best way to achieve this?

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You can achieve the issue with the following query AT Command:


@herbert.pan-Q how I will conclude with those commands if the if at+cgatt? is 0 if that indicates there is no network connectivity?

yes,However, if there is no data interaction, the module will enter the idle state after 20 seconds. Then when you send or receive data, the module goes back to the connected state.

Thanks for your response.
But actually my requirement is I want to monitor if the LTE sim card will be able to connect to the internet without any chargeable transaction of data.

I DON’T want to send/receive or do a continuous ping as that will result in data consumption.

Is there any such way?

@herbert.pan-Q Or is there any internal handshake that happens with the service provider on the basis of which I will be able to conclude that the sim will be able to access internet if end user wants to perform any action?

As an option I was thinking of using AT+QPING will it consume data or otherwise will it help anyhow to reduce data consumption?
Or is there any fix IP which I can ping for which service provider will not charge me.

You can check the network through QPING, which consumes less data throughput.
But when you power up the module, with the AT command AT +cereg? /at+cgatt? If the network status is +CEREG:1 / + CGATT :1, the network is successfully registered and waiting for you to send data at any time.