How to change TTL to 65 or 64 using AT commands?

Hello, can anybody show us how to change TTL to 65 or 64 ? Especially for 5G modules from RM5xx family like RM502Q or RM520N

Can you explain to me the at command or process needed to change the ttl? I’ve been reviewing the at commands document provided by quectel and I see no mention of it.

Thank you

Dear @tomorrows
Could you share with us why you want to change TTL?


many customers require to change TTL because of better 5G or 4G real troughput, it can improve speed and reliability of modem connection

Especially it is requested by customers from US.

Thank you very much



Dear @tomorrows
Did TTL mean Time to live?

yes, we mean Time to Live. Its is important especially for US customers.

you can check this article for example :

Dear @tomorrows
Sorry for this, as checked internally, we didn’t have AT command to change TTL.

Is this possible when using the adb interface once enabled?

Dear @comconcepts
Sorry, I didn’t get your point, could you give more information?

From what I understand there is a method once adb access is enabled to configure the interface to a specific TTL, since its just a small OS running on the modem. I haven’t been able to explore it yet, as I am waiting for support to provide adb unlock codes for 2 of my 3 modem I am testing on, and the 3rd modem I need kernel 6.x MHI/PCIe drivers, the driver i was able to locate doesn’t support any 6.x kernels.