How to change the version of MQTT protocol on M66

An error is occurring when I change the version of the MQTT protocol to 3. the command I used is
image .on documents they given that

.each time I tried this command occurring an error. I am getting an “ok” response when I try this command AT+QMTCFG=“version”,0,0.

hello I hope that help… I don’t know which is your TCPConnectID have you try


I tried this command which is shown on the 1st picture with CME ERROR 3765 (invalid input value) :frowning_face:

I am sorry for insisting but

into the first picture the second param is 1 like this, the change is surrounded by triple *

I said you can try

this is because at previous command

@stbnrivas thanks for the reply. I tried that too

issue solved.i have used wrong data sheet. command is AT+QMTCFG=“VERSION”,0,1