How To Carrier Aggregate bands 2 & 12 for EP06-A?

I am familiar with locking certain bands with the Quectel models.
Band 12: AT+QCFG=“band”,0,800,0
Band 02: AT+QCFG=“band”,0,2,0
However, I am not aware of how to combine these two for carrier aggregation. In other words, I am asking for the specific AT command entry to aggregate band 2 with 12.

The subject of aggregation has arised more than once on this forum, but no one seems to have a complete list of all commands for every possible band aggregation combination. Maybe that is asking for too much, so I will ask for the AT command to aggregate band 2 with 12. And if the info is handy, I could also use the AT command to aggregate band 12 with 66 if those combinations are possible.

I will appreciate all input. Thank you for your time.

Dear Rico,
Sorry to “jump” into this thread but as a preliminary related question to the forum would like to understand also if the carrier aggregation should be “enabled” on the EP06 module in a way, as you are locking bands as I see … does it suppose to work if you don’t lock any bands.

There is no such AT command to control CA, band locking is not necessary but could be used if required:
Once those bands are supported by the BS in use, CA will be activated automatically (triggered by traffic).

Thanks for the reply/info. I will enter that AT command and see if it works for me.

I am not sure if the module should be enabled for CA or if it does it automatically.

I did not mean to imply that I want to lock any bands. I simply want to carrier aggregate two particular channels. Bands 2 and 12

That seemed to work for my unit. Thanks so much. And now I cannot help but wonder what formula or table allowed you gather that information. For example, I would like to CA other band combinations. Where would I go to find that information?

Any calculator, the algorithm is pretty generic and not specific to Quectel.
Start your calc in binary mode and enter 1’s in positions 2 and 12, zeroes in all others, then switch the calc to hex, you should see 802. B2 is 2, B12 is 800 - you know that already, so you can always check yourself.

Once again, there is no need to do band locking for CA in most cases, but that way you can exclude the bands you don’t want to use for whatever reason.

Much appreciation for your help and information. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

The bands combination follow this scheme If I understand correctly then.

Not exactly. There is a hex code for CA b2 and b12. I thought there might be a chart or table available that shows all the hex codes for every CA combination.