How to access remotely to an Android box through EM06 LTE modem using SIM card with static IP

What I want to achieve is to connect to an Android box (Khadas VIM3) with the EM06 Quectel modem (connected through USB interface) with a static IP from anywhere. I know a could find a workaround like VPN or reverse SSH tunnel, but I don’t want to rely on another external server.

I wish I could found some information in the Quectel EM06 documentation, but there is nothing on that topic. Right now using the ifconfig command a have an IP address on the ppp0 interface that does not correspond to the one I found on Both of these addresses did not respond if I ping them.

The SIM card provider gave me the static IP of the card, but again it does not correspond to the ppp0 IP address or the one provided by whatismyip and is unreachable if I ping it.

Does anyone have achieved such a connection to an Android device using a LTE modem?


Hi Cedric_Arlen

What you used on Kvim3 is the ppp way to setup data call. You cannot get an stetic ip. I think you can use the RMNET way with qmi_wwan_q and Android ril driver.
You can follow the Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_User_Guide_V1.9.pdf to setup internet connection with qmi_wwan_q driver.

The qmi_wwan_q 、Android RIL driver and the guide for porting Android RIL is in

btw,as far as I know, the kernel source code in the Khadas VIM3 Android source actually is downloaded from the git repository of Khadas. You have to make sure you can modify the Khadas VIM3 Android kernel code.

Best regards.