How many Carrier Aggrigations can 5G RM520N-GL Do?

Hello all, I got a 5G RM520N-GL and wanted to ask how many CA can it do? also can it do 4G and 5G together?

I wanna know that too and if it can get Carrier Aggregation from Bands 4G LTE and 5G all together.

Glad to see someone also interested. I have seen 2 CAs being automatically used on my modem. but i want the AT commands to manually so I have 100% network bandwidth all the time.

Yes it can. I’m able to do b2+n41+n41. I’d like to know if it can do n41+n41+n41 or n25+n41+n41

Is this with an AT command or is it automatically pushed to the modem when the connection need more bandwidth.

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Tower has to support this aggregation also.

can’t download it upload again pls!

Dear @CycleStudies
The link is valid, please contact with your proovider firstly, they have access to get the document.

I would like the document too , I want set n41 + n41 + n25

Dear @Ivanesteva.ok
Combinations are configured via Carrier.
RM520N-GL doesn’t support n41 + n41 + n25.