How is this function technically implemented. questions about ECALL ECxx EGxx

good afternoon, questions about ECALL before they were in new updates on EC21 / EC25 they are not present why? But how to find out if they are in the EG91 or EC200, they were left only in the automotive series? you can tell where they are optional. do we need to implement the emergency button in the car? in the documentation it’s hard everything in asterisks))) it is listed as an option, but in the end it is nowhere to be found? and how is this function implemented - is it a program? or is this some function in the chip? thank you.

Hello OlgaErmakova
The ECALL function is used in automotive products. EG91 and EC200 do not support this function. If your project is a non-OPEN project, you can refer to the following documentQuectel_EC25&EC21_eCall_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (999.2 KB) , if it is an OPEN project, you can refer to this documentQuectel_EC2X&AG35-QuecOpen_ECALL_API_guide_manual_V1.3_Preliminary.pdf (470.3 KB) .
You can also contact local sales staff and local FAE to obtain Quectel tools and documents through, thank you.