How initialise PSM_EINT pin 19 for external interrupt


I am trying to using PSM_EINT pin for waking up BC660 from deep sleep but it not responding. I noticed that there is two initialisation functions namely given in the SDK V1.0

  1. s32 Ql_EINT_Init(Enum_PinName pinName ,Enum_EintType eintType ,u32 swDebounce, Callback_EINT_Handle eint_isr)

  2. s32 Ql_EINT_Uninit(Enum_PinName pinName)

Unfortunately there are not Enum_PinName define for the PSM_EINT0 which we have used in our hardware design.

Any suggesting why this pin is not responding?


Sorted PSM_EINTx pins do not require initialisation. They are configured by default by the OS.

See the API documentation for details

What a big and great help…