How do i store a phone number when there is a call on the module?

Hello guys,
@Job.Bao-Q, @Winnie.Xi-Q.
I am using M66 GSM module and stm32f030xx controller for my project.
I want to know how do i know who is calling on my module?
I want to adda provision that my microcontroller store some phone numbers and what i want to do with that when incoming call is there i will compare the incoming number with stored number and accept the call accordingly.
can anyone tell me the flow of at commands and how to get that number store in a buffer?

Hi Nishikant:
I thought you might need the phonebook function,I think you can do like this:

  1. Excute AT+CPBS=“ME” to store the phonebook on the module or AT+CPBS=“SM” to store the phonebook on the SIM card;
  2. Execute command like the one in the following example to write a phone number:
    You can use AT+CPBR=10 to read current phonebook entries.
  3. If you set it to ME,execute AT+CPBS=“ME” again after the module is restarted.
    If you set it to SM,after rebooting the module, there is no need to excute AT+CPBS=“SM” . The default is SM, so you can read the phonebook directly.
    If you want to see the number of incoming calls, you can also set AT + CLIP =1.

Thanks for reply.
Do i need to send AT+CLIP after every ring or it will get automatically called?

what is meaning of “QUECTEL” at the end?

How do I dial a number from phone book entry?
if i want to dial number stored at location 2nd?

1.AT+CLIP only needs to be set once and if you want this command to remain in effect after the module is restarted, you can set AT+CLIP and then excute AT&W to save it.
2.For AT+CPBW, you can refer to the instructions below:

For example,“QUECTEL” represents a mark for this phone number.
3.If you want to make a phone call, you still have to use “ATDxxxxxx” command.

Hello @Winnie.Xi-Q,
How do i wake up the module from external MCU using GPIO?

Hi Nishikant:
Is it still about the M66 module?
Could you tell me the software version of the module?(Please excute ATI to check)

Yes the module is M66.
And version is
Revision: M66FAR02A08BT

I think the hardware design might help you,you can refer to this:

Thanks for the help.
I’ll implement these things.

When sms received on module does that produce signal on RI Pin?

I got the answer.
RI also get signal on SMS reception.

Ok.Wish you all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

how many phone number can be saved on m66’phonebook ? I read at command manual on page 131

“SIM phonebook record can stores up to 250pcs and ME phonebook record can store up to 100 pcs”

100pcs seems small number. I think m66 should do better.

The maximum phone numbers that can be stored is as stated in the document.

Thank you Winnie have a nice day