How do I get specific "Snapdragon_SD_LLVM_ARM.WIN.4.0 installer"?

Hello Community,

I want to download the specific LLVM compile verion named below.

Snapdragon_SD_LLVM_ARM.WIN.4.0 installer

Will you please help to get a link where I can find this specfic version of compiler OR its zip.

Shiv Patil.


That’s public tool you could find in Qualcomm website. Here is an ondrive link you can download:

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Thanks WillieYao,

I want to download the linux version of this compile. It is:

Snapdragon_SD_LLVM_ARM.LNX.4.0 installer

I can not find it in the qualcomm web.

Could you help me to find it?

i have same issue , could you please share anyone