How do I get signal strength for RM500Q?

Hello, I am using an RM500Q-GL 5G module connected to a Khadas Vim 4 board running Ubuntu 22.04. To connect, I am compiling quectel-CM by following the instructions here without problems.

Once I have connected how can I get signal strength (either from the command line or programmatically through python)?


Dear @Andreas_Gazis
You can use AT+QENG=“servingcell” to query. Detailed information please refer to the document which I sent to you via Message, please check.

Thanks. There appears to be an error in the documentation for AT+QENG . According to page 104, the response for AT+QENG=“servingcell” in EN-DC mode should be of the form:

+QENG: "servingcell",<state>
+QENG: "LTE",<is_tdd>,<MCC>,<MNC>,<cellID>,<PCID>,<earfcn>,<freq_band_ind>,<UL_bandwidth>,<DL_bandwidth>,<TAC>,<RSRP>,<RSRQ>,<RSSI>,<SINR>,<CQI>,<tx_power>,<srxlev>
+QENG: "NR5G-NSA",<MCC>,<MNC>,<PCID>,<RSRP>,<SINR>,<RSRQ>,<ARFCN>,<band>,<NR_DL_bandwidth>,<scs>

That is, three lines starting with +QENG.
The first two lines conform to the description, however, the third line (starting with +QENG: “NR5G-NSA”) should be followed by 10, comma separated values. I only get 6, example output:

+QENG: "NR5G-NSA",240,02,65535,-32768,-32768,-32768

Do you know why I am seeing this discrepancy and what the values returned correspond to?

Dear @Andreas_Gazis
+QENG: “NR5G-NSA”,240,02,65535,-32768,-32768,-32768
=>65535,-32768,-32768,-32768 are invalid values, it didn’t register to 5G.
Could you help to check AT+COPS? and AT+C5GREG? to query the status?

It connects somehow because I can ping the outside world over the modem’s interface.
Results of the commands you listed:

+COPS: 0,0,"hallon hallon",7



+C5GREG: 0,0


I also did the following:

+CREG: 0,1



+CGREG: 0,0



+CEREG: 0,1


Hope this helps.

Dear @Andreas_Gazis
The device has registered on LTE, not 5G. So you saw the invaild values.

I see. But if I am connecting in LTE mode, why doesn’t AT+QENG=“servingcell” return the LTE mode response as described on page 104 of the manual, i.e.:

+QENG: "servingcell",<state>,"LTE",<is_tdd>,<MCC>,<MNC>,<cellID>,<PCID>,<earfcn>,<freq_band_ind>,<UL_bandwidth>,<DL_bandwidth>,<TAC>,<RSRP>,<RSRQ>,<RSSI>,<SINR>,<CQI>,<tx_power>,<srxlev>

At the moment, it returns the EN-DC response, containing a third line starting with: +QENG: “NR5G-NSA”

Hi @Andreas_Gazis,

you will typically see a “short” “NR5G-NSA” line when ENDC is available but no NR resources have been assigned to the UE by the network at the moment. HTH for clarification.


Thanks. So, to recap, to see signal quality I can look at the RSSI and SINR in the response to AT+QENG=“servingcell”.

What about connection type though (3G, 4G, 5G etc)? Where is the definitive place to look for it?