How could we impliment FOTA with LwM2M in BC660

I was planning to implement FOTA with BC660 using LwM2M protocol. Could you please share the application note if its available. if not please suggest any alternatives.

Suhaib Saiyde.

Of course you can, but please specify the server or cloud platform you are using
Quectel_BC660K-GL_DFOTA_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (266.6 KB)

@herbert.pan-Q Thanks for the response.

I am trying to implement OTA using LwM2M and CoAP server.

Apart from this could you please tell me how much time will approximately take to download a file from CoAP server to BC660 using LwM2M.

This time is affected by many factors, such as network signal quality, packet size, etc

Hi @herbert.pan-Q,

Thanks for the response,
For an example we are trying to download a 50kb files in an optimum signal strength condition. Could you please tell a number.

This information is crucial for us because we have to look for the battery consumption as well.If its take more time we have to improvise at the design side also.

Suhaib Saiyde.

This power consumption can only be calculated according to your test data, such as the average power consumption

If we know an average time for the file download we can calculate that value. If you can give a rough number it will be helpful.

@herbert.pan-Q Hi,
Does BC660KGLAA-103-TB0AA supports CoAP, because we are trying to implement FOTA with LwM2M and CoAP server.

it is not support CoAP

@herbert.pan-Q Hi,
Do we have any version of BC660 which supports CoAP.

There are currently no plans to develop Coaps