How can i update my BG77 Firmware?

Hello Everyone,

I have BG77 Module witch has following firmware version,

i want to upgrade it, How to update and Where can i download it?

Hi @Akshit279

Which target version do you need?

Hi @Linkin-Q

I need latest version for BG77 module.

at this time i have BG77LAR02A04_01.003.01.003 this version.

Please find below link:

Hi @Linkin-Q
Can you please provide steps to update new firmware on my bg77

Please find in attachment for steps:

Quectel_LPWA_CATM Series Module LOG & Upgrade_Tool Manual_v1.0.1.pdf (1.4 MB)

Hi @Linkin-Q
I receive this error msg when upload FW files in QFLASH tool


remove the space in the tool path or fw path.

Hi @Linkin-Q
Yes this Space related problem was solved,
now another issue is started

when i select port and baud rate(In my case it is port 6 and baud i selected is 3000000)
I received this type of msg my port was not detected , I already install driver as mention in document

Please do not change firmware floder name.

Hi, @Linkin-Q

Okay so i done unzip files again in D partition only,
it’s fine with it that files in D drive or it should be in c drive only?

This is not required for saving partition D or C.

Now this msg is appear,

the correct folder should be like this:
E:\xxxxxx\BG77LAR02A04_01.003.01.003 in this folder are update files