How can I remove Echo from the EC25 Voice over USB design?

Dear Experts,

The A-codec(ALC5633) on my host device does not support AEC.
And the host is connected to the EC25 via USB.
I would like to implement Voice Call through ‘Voice over USB’.

The block diagram below is exactly the same as my system.

But I have a question.
A-codec on the host cannot remove Echo,
and PCM audio with Echo is sent via USB to EC25.

I know that EC25 supports AEC.
In my case, can EC25 remove the Echo?
How much can EC25 remove Echo?

And have you ever seen a design like this?

Thank you.

Dear Ihuijae,
For EC25 module, we have AT command to set Echo Cancellation parameters, you can have a try. Thanks!

Quectel_WCDMA&LTE_Audio_Design_Note_V1.2_20170723.pdf (1.5 MB)

Thank you for your reply.

Can you send me AT+EEC_Manual_V1.0?

Thank you.

Owing to the document is internal version, please contact local FAE to get it via email to Thanks!