How can I force my network to carrier aggregation mode

I have em12g module. How can I activate the carrier activation mode. Can you list the various commands here. I actually want to force carrier aggregation for my network.

UE (or module) cannot force carrier aggregation. UE can only report to the network whether it has the capability of carrier aggregation according to the measurement report, and it is decided by the network side whether UE can achieve carrier aggregation under the current conditions.However, you can check whether the UE implements carrier aggregation through the command.

AT+QCAINFO Query Carrier Aggregation Parameters

Show me details of the step to implement “AT+QCAINFO” vis a vis my network

Have you not run AT Command over COM so far?
You just need to use a simple COM port debugging tool such as Comtone and execute the command"AT+QCAINFO".

EM120R-GL vs em12-g: which is better. What is the pros and cons because I can see it support same band.



How can I lock quectel em12g to band 28.

Pease the command shown to me gives error message

It is normal and executable that I execute this “AT Command”
Could you please upload the result of your execution error? I need to judge the reason.