Hot-swap sim card in EC200A

I am going to use hot-swap sim card feature for EC200A-EUAB.
I use “AT+QSIMDET=1,1” to enable this feature but it does not work.
Its circuit was checked and is ok.
Do you have any idea?

Did you check with the opposite <insert_level> value?

Dear jfrog

Thanks for your reply.
If you are going to say that I have used “AT+QSIMDET=1,0”, I have to say yes I did.

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After you insert the SIM card, query AT+CPIN? Is the result returned READY?

No sir. I insert the SIM card but the result of “AT+CPIN?” command is “+CME ERROR: 10”. I send “AT+CPIN?” for 5 minuts.

According to the preliminary results, the SIM card cannot be identified, and it is recommended that you check the circuit or hardware

I have already checked the circuit and hardware and there is no problem on it.
As an alternative way, I defined USIM_DET pin as an input digital and it can correctly detect presence of SIM.

Please provide the current firmware version


current firmware version is

How did you get our SDK?

I bought it from one of your sales representative. The module and its SDK.