Hostname size limitation on EG25-G

I have problem with long hostnames. It seems the problem occurs when hostname exceeds 40 characters. When I try to open SSL with long host name I get an error:


but with slightly shorter hostname it works

+QSSLOPEN: 0,565 - expected error the host name does not exists


Is there some maximum hostname length? And is there some way around it?

I tried it also on EC21 module and even longer hostnames work fine there.

Hi @vladimir1
I checked version R07A08 to optimize this part.
“Increase the length of domain name returned by AT+QSSLOPEN from 40 bytes to 256 bytes.”
If you need the latest firmware, please give me your email and I will send it to you. However, it should be noted that the latest firmware has the rollback function. After the upgrade, the old firmware cannot be rolled back.
Best Regards.