HiSilicon Hi2115

Hi Quectel & Happy New Year

Modules with HiSilicon Hi2115 SoC … as BC95 etc

If I can program the SoC ( Application core )
… the application is Arduino port inside …
I want to replace default Quectel AT commands application

From my source ( link is as startup code ) https://github.com/Wiz-IO/TEST/blob/main/arduino_main.cpp
so I have ELF & BIN files
Quection is: Is it possible to upload them to the module?
If is possible, can you give me more info


I can’t agree more that you are a very capable engineer;Are you planning to upgrade the Arduino APP?

Arduino is no problem for Hi2115 Application core ( Cortex M0 )…
I am currently writing without module (just experiment) … Arduino basic example is ~ 50k (screenshot)

but there are a few things about which there is no information ( I have only partial SDK for Application Core )
my main problem is: If application is not signed, can I upload RAW BIN file ( to application core ) - example in BC95
as far as I understand, the process is: GCC compile ELF to BIN to Hash SHA256 of the BIN → sign & create app.fwpkg

I don’t have and PIN multiplexer table for periphery ( I did not found SoC manual )

some codes - not tested

If you are using our module’s Quecopen solution, it is also possible.

nice! :slight_smile:
yep, I want to use Quectel modules