Help with partition.mbn rawprogram_nand and firehose

Please tell me the purpose of these files and how to create/generate them yourself?

- partition_nand.xml
- partition.mbn
- firehose/partition_complete_XXX.mbn
- firehose/rawprogram_nand_XXX_update.xml
- firehose/patch_XXX.xml

I have EC25 module with 512MiB NAND Flash = 4096 blocks * 64 pages * 2048b pagesize
I need to remap the memory in the Quectel EC25 module like in example

Name           Offset   Length
sbl            00000000 00140000
mibib          00140000 00140000 
efs2           00280000 01600000
rawdata        01880000 00300000
tz             01B80000 00140000
rpm            01CC0000 00140000
aboot          01E00000 00140000
config         01F40000 00140000
boot_cfg       02080000 00140000
aboot          021C0000 00900000
bboot          02AC0000 00900000
modem          033C0000 03C00000
arootfs        06FC0000 07740000
brootfs        0E700000 07740000
storage        15E40000 0A1C0000

As I know partition.mbn is partition table that can be read by pbl, sbl, aboot (maybe I am wrong) and stored in mibib partition.


This file has a lit of actions, like erase and program for several partitions, firehouse use it for erase and program partitions.

Hello @x00x00x,
look at ql-ol-sdk/ql-ol-extsdk/tools/partition_make folder.

The file ql-ol-sdk/ql-ol-extsdk/tools/partition_make/common/config/partition_nand.xml should be the configuration file.

Have a good day