Help with module selection

Hello everyone. I am looking for some help selecting a module. I looked at the website, but could not really figure it out myself.
Here are my need:

  • EMEA regions (ok global)
  • As simple to use as possible
  • Possibility to connect to AWS mqtt (certificates…)
  • 2G fallback if any newer network is not available (could also be the only network available, even though nb-iot would be nice…)
  • Possibility tu use standard SIM
  • Regular GSM phone calls (analog or digital audio input/output)

The last requirement is what I actually find the hardest to find in the modules… Also I see many modules that have features described as “options” and don’t really know how to look for the version that includes those options…

Thank you all

I think BG95 meets your requirements
Quectel_BG95_Series_LPWA_Specification_V1.8.pdf (367.4 KB)