Help using EG25-G Windows 10

Hi all,

I am sorry for this stupid question but I am not an avid computer user and maybe I can get some direction:

I have a Lenovo with it’s whitelist removed. I have installed an EG25-G into it’s WWAN slot, attached the antenna leads and inserted a Rogers (Canada) SIM card.

What drivers do I need to install in order to connect this to LTE network and browse the internet?

This card was given to me, and I don’t know if what I want to do is possible?

Thank you and sorry for the stupid question!

Hello waterboy212
You can install our USB driver then use serial tool execute AT+QCFG=“USBNET”,3 command, after that reboot the module and you will see RNDIS network interface card, if your SIM card is well, you can use this NIC to surf the internet, thank you.