Help! UMTS & LTE EVB Kit with BG96 blocks COM ports after reset and hang up

In UMTS & LTE EVB Kit with BG96:

  • I was following development steps modifying a GPS example, compiling code and upload with QEFS Explorer,

  • I reset by button and platform hang up, like going sleep, and now it’s not possible flash again, it only appears 1 USB port (DM port) but it’s not possible to flash again, QEFS explorer hangs and exit.

  • I have tried again long reset, three times reset and I with in device manager likes appear 3 ports and inmediately disappear and only one remains (DM)

Any trick to reset completely flash or access by DM port? I’m desperate.

Hi my friend ,

you module crashed , caused by you APP code ,

for now , pls using Qflash reburn the fw version to del your APP

for debug your issue , pls collect dump log for more analysis.

for more detail ,pls email to

Reflash module…
if you have problems with reflashing & DM port … the small board with module have control point USB BOOT
connect this point with VDD_EX ( 1.8v ) with 1k resistor, power ON and select new com port … reflash

This is my log:

HI again Stephen,
I don’t have the version of the firmware to reburn, I don’t see it included in the QflashV_4.15 package for BG96?

Thanks, but now the main problem is obtain the firmware and try reburn. I 'm waiting to Quectel support contact me 3 days ago
to obtain it.
I have localized USB_Boot_Pin if it’s necessary

Hi Josan。

pls download Qflash tools with below link ,

anymore issue , pls send email to support or

Forum is not good place to resolve all the issue .