Help me Quectel M26

I doing ATCommand Quectel M26. I can help because:


  • CME ERROR : 4010
    I want to ask quectel m26 does it support call recording and recording in what format?

Dear Manager,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, please check whether you set the right command. Thanks!

Yes. I use right.
I used the correct command but it gives error 4010
Help mw

Dear Manager,
Please make sure you use the right channel with AT+QAUDCH command.Thanks!

Hi you. I test
All error 4010

Dear Sir,
Whether you have design the audio circuit ? If that, it is better to check whether the module support the command AT+QAUDRD=?.
Quectel_GSM_Module_Audio_Design_Guide_V3.0.pdf (1.2 MB)

it works but I get Error 4010

Please make sure the store path have enough space. You can use command at+qflds=“UFS” to confirm it. Thanks!

Error 4013

It works with AT + QFLDS = “RAM” device. I want to record successful sound. And now I want to play music to do what to do. It does not work with AT + QAUDPLAY = “1122.Wav”, 0play

Dear Sir,
Please try to save the file in the form of wav, amr. And AT+QAUDPLY just support wav,.mp3 or .amr. Please note. Thanks!

I saved it as wav but it doesn’t work. I have tried at + QAUDPLAY