Have some queries for EC25-E

Hi All,
I’m currently working on EC25-E module with its development board and got stuck with the two issues:

  1. I’m unable to make and receive voice calls with JIO SIM (Indian Network operator). Rather I’m
    able to transmit text messages to this device with JIO operator.
    While using other 4G operators(Vodafone) the voice calling works fine.

  2. If I connect the EC25 Development Board to PC via Debug port COM2 (to open the linux shell of
    EC25) and after opening the Serial Terminal in PC, it asks for the Login username and password.
    I’m unable to login here, as the credentials are not provided in the documentation.

Awaiting a solution for my queries.

  1. Get Android ADB
    cmd: adb shell


I am also working with EC25-E module. I am not getting LTE with JIO sim. Do you have internet access with it? Can you tell me the steps to attain LTE network for any board with Quectel EC25-E. I am using ppp service and ppp0 entry is created in ifconfig with local ip address

I’m working with EC20 EVB, I also want to know what is login and password of COM2 (DEBUG) port?
Thanks in advance