Has anyone experienced an increase in the power consumption of the M10 at low operating temperatures?

We found that some M10 modules could increase power consumption at temperatures below +5 C.

Hi Lexus,
Could you inform me the increasing rate? Have you ever sent AT+CSQ to got the signal report when the module stayed in that state? I think maybe the signal quality affect the current consumption.

Thanks for reply! Unfortunately not. We could not check signal quality in that cases. Moreover, we even did not make any measurements of the power consumption. We only have supposed the rise of power consumption because of the strange behavior of some modems. Our modems are powered by Li-Ion bl-5cb Nokia batteries. The modems are operating in the wide temperature range -40 … +30 Celsius. And in some rare cases when the operating temperature is below +5 Celsius some modems are rebooting right after sending only single SMS, like if there was not enough power supply.
So we supposed that some samples of the M10-modules could have excess power consumptions when operating in low temperatures

Hi Lexus,
I think it may cause by the feature of GSM-----burst current.
When your device stay in a cold environment, the capacity of the capacitor in the power supply circuit will get lower than in the normal temperature environment.
Once the capacity got lower, than the burst current will consume the electric charge in the capacitor, which will cause DIP phenomenon, and then the module will restart because of the low voltage(DIP).
What I suggest is pls check your capacitor if it is low ESR and enough capacity in your power supply circuit so it will not cause DIP when the burst current happens.

Thank you for recommendations!