Hardware Setup and Results of Demo Codes

HI All,
New to the Quectel OpenCPU and Forum.

I am using EC200U and SDK LTE01R03A02 working in VS2022 environment and LTE-OPEN EVB kit.

While working with the demo code just try to understand what hardware options / arrangement to be done for checking the particular Application Demo code on LTE-OPEN EVB kit.

LTE-OPEN EVB kit detailed schematic is not available with the manual, anyone can share will be great help to start with.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, friend, This link is the information you need, including the development board user manual and schematic diagram, I hope it will be helpful to you.Best wishes for you.


Thank you Kelly.li for the resources shared, Is here hardware PWM available on Open_CPU?

hi, pwm is support, Refer to the figure above for the specific pin corresponding pwm function 。

and i also test the pwm_pwt function, it’s ok。

Thank you for your support

I have EC200U module and LTE01R03A02 SDK - trying with HTTP_FOTA – Demo code keeps giving error.

I am following steps as per the suggested document - shall request to check the Demo code once as i have seen there are some changes made in R03 (I also checked with R02)

brief: Code downloads file from HTTP Server, but unable to write to local file and keeps trying and after exit with fota.pack package is invalid

@Inventor_TM hi,please grab AP log and FOTA program so I can judge. Check whether: 1. Check whether sim data is dialed up successfully. 2. Check whether the module connects to the HTTP server.
3. Check whether the firmware package has been downloaded from the server.
4. Check whether the downloaded firmware package has been written into the flash