.h/driver files of Quectel EC200U-CN compatible with Zephyr nRF Connect SDK

I need .h/driver files of Quectel EC200U-CN which are compatible with Zephyr nRF Connect SDK as I have to interface Quectel EC200U-CN with nRF52832 board. Are these files available?

Hello, what interface do you need to use to establish connection with NRF52832.

UART is used to interface between nRF52832 and Quectel EC200U-CN module.

Then you can directly use uart to communicate with nRF52832

As far as I know, nRF52832 is a Bluetooth chip, EC200U module supports Bluetooth function, you can directly use the module built-in Bluetooth。 EC200U-CNAA、EC200U-CNLA、EC200U-AUAA、EC200U-EUAA ; * These models all support Bluetooth and are available for your choice

Hi Please share EC200U OpenCpu sdk to amaraxr@gmail.com