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Applying the same logic to a YouTube channel produces Phone Number List same effect. YouTube trusts older channels that consistently upload high-quality content on a topic and keep watch time high (among other factors). Therefore, in order to improve your rankings, you need to be clear Phone Number List the topics you want to be seen as having expertise. Why is this so important? Since YouTube doesn’t have a lot of data to determine the initial viewability your video gets, it must rely solely on optimization. The exception is if it already Phone Number List that your channel is a reliable source of expertise on the subject of your video.

This is why newer videos can sometimes be seen Phone Number List the top of the results, as in the example below. YouTube allows videos to rank higher while collecting more data to help it determine the most relevant ranking positions based on YouTube video optimization techniques and Phone Number List data. New YouTube Video Ranking How do you build topical relevance for your channel? Create a strategy to define your chosen specialized topic, then plan the information you need to provide and the range of videos you need to Phone Number List target that topic.

Use the tips in this article to optimize your Phone Number List so YouTube has expertise in which keywords your channel offers. Over time, you’ll want to see rankings easier when you upload your video. Group videos into playlists YouTube’s main goal is to keep people watching, so what better way than Phone Number List create playlists dedicated to the types of videos people want to watch? These can then play automatically until the audience’s interest wanes, their laptop’s battery dies, or their WiFi dies. Grouping your videos into playlists is an Phone Number List way to get people interested in your channel to watch your content.