GTP feature on BG77 And firmware update

Dear Quectel forum,
I’m Paolo Ponzano, a student from Polytechnic of Turin university. I am working on a personal project creating a security system for my project race car, using boards from RakWireless and a BG77 module.
I’m trying to improve positioning performance, especially in places where GNSS signal is degraded or unavailable. In the download page of the module I found the GPT application note and I think that’s what I was looking for.
I tried executing the AT commands as shown in the examples but AT+QGPSONE (with any parameter) always returns error.
The document states that GTP feature is supported only on specific firmware versions, but I couldn’t find upgrade files for my module.
My current firmware version is BG77LAR02A04_01.002.01.002
Could you please help me understand if a firmware update is necessary and if so, how to do it?
I contacted and they suggested to post my question here, if any other information is needed, I will be glad to provide them.
Thank you in advance for your support, I wish you a great day.

I have sent you the latest firmware version, you can try again; GTP or base station positioning technology is only an auxiliary technology for positioning function, and the GTP server needs to contain the base station database of the current operator. If it does not, this function is only in name only

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Thank you very much! Would QuecLocator work better for my use case? I found online a document about this feature for BG77 but i can’t find it in the official product downloads page. Is it still supported? Would it be possible to get an authentication token?
Thank you

You have to pay for this feature,

How much does it cost?

I updated the firmware successfully, but now executing AT+QGPSCFG=“gtp_fun”,1 returns +CME ERROR: 501
Any idea why that is?