Gsm special module

Hi everyone,

I’m a researcher in GSM security field. My thesis is about GSM security and threats. For my thesis, I need a special module that can apply my experiments. This module must be full controlled by the user. The needed module must contain the following functions and facilities:

  1. Choose the mode (GSM only, UMTS only, LTE only, GSM + UMTS + LTE).
  2. Choose the encryption algorithm (a5/1, a5/3).
  3. Monitoring the layer3 messages like (immediate assignment, system information messages, sacch messgaes, … etc). These messages must be transferred using UART port.
  4. Monitoring the data between the module and the SIM card (UART port).

So, please inform me that you will offer me the module to be able to complete my research and thesis.

With best regards.

Hello, for our gsm products, we can only support one gsm function. I think, if your design scheme is to use one mcu, external gsm, lte and UMTS three modules, then you can achieve your requirements. But if you want to use the gsm module to support these three modes at the same time, I’m sorry that this is not possible. For the gsm module, we can only support gsm functions.You might want to sync up with the LTE forums and ask!

Also, for “Monitoring the layer3 messages” and “Monitoring the data between the module and the SIM card,” I think this is difficult, Our module will spit out these messages from the debug port. This data needs to be parsed by a special tool. Therefore, if you use muc, you cannot process this message from the uart port.

Good luck

You can try to get to know our company’s EC20. This module is lte and relatively stable. In addition, the chip is Qualcomm platform, which should be helpful for you to write your paper.