GSM/NB-IoT EVM Board with BC-95-B8 Module

I am following Operation Procedures Illustration from Quectel_GSM_EVB_User_Guide_V3.4.pdf but the D101 LED is not turning ON and QNavigator tool is also not able to detect any module. Since I am using the open-source core-network I haven’t added the sim-card yet, just wanted to check if QNavigator can detect the BC-95 module. Does anyone face similar kind of issue?

What open source code network are you using?
It is based on Yate MiniCore?

@afk I am using openairinterface5g, its an open-source LTE core-network. Do you have any idea regarding the issue ?

Hello ksgill34,

No, I don’t have any clue of what seems to be the problem there.
I though you were using other CORE Network, not openairinterface5g.

Hi Ksgill34
You are using the BC95 module and there is a separate NB-QNavigator tool.