GSM(EC200S-CN) modem hangs up automatically during long run test

Hello all,

I’m using GSM(EC200S-CN) modem for connecting GSM. For checking network, I’m performing AT command (gsmcmd at+cops?). It is operational and responding this AT command.

I’m putting the modem ideal for long run(almost 24 hours). After 24 hours AT command (gsmcmd at+cops?) are not responding. Means the output of the same command is blank as below:
[2023-07-19 10:20:38.437] gsmcmd at+cops?
[2023-07-19 10:25:58.629]

Sometimes, the output is ERROR. Below FYR:
[2023-07-18 15:59:45.506] gsmcmd at+cops?
[2023-07-18 15:59:51.071] ERROR

Key Points:

  1. Fixed and steady setup for GSM(EC200S-CN) modem throughout the long run. [E.g., location/device/harness/power supply(12V)/internal battery(4.1V) are constant].
  2. There is No power fluctuation or power interruption happened throughout the long run. [Tested]
  3. Ideally kept for long run.

How to recover GSM modem here to operate and make it operational? Request to share solution/feedback.

Note: Anyway, to restart/reload the GSM modem from application/firmware so it can work continuously? Is it good idea or any alternate way to resolve GSM modem hang issue?

Hi @Sidhdharth_Yadav
Can you tell me the firmware version you are currently using? You can use the AT+QGMR command to query.

Hi, Sidhdharth Yadav

I’m sorry that I only saw the email now because I’m on vacation. Can you provide me with the hang up log? What is the specific test? In addition, as my colleague above said, please provide version information。
thank you.

gsmcmd at+qgmr



Is it latest version? or should be updated?

Also let me know the process to update the firmware version, if update required.

Hi AnnaLiu,

I have shared the details:
gsmcmd at+qgmr

Let me know if update required to resolve the hang issue. Steps will be also helpful.

GSM hang issue can be observed after long run. Below error snippet:
parse_gsm_data "RECOVERY possible crash = 2,parse_gsm_data

hi ,
Please check your email.

hi ,
Please check your email.
Pay attention to the documentation of the upgrade tool.