GSM Audio Player Application

Quectel tool GenBinFile.

Dear Sir,
Anything i can help you? Do you have any technical issue ? If you want this tool, you can find it in SDK package, please check it. Thanks!

Dear sir
thx for reply. I am working on MC60, MC60_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.7_Eclipse in there is given tool is QlAudioResGen.exe. How to convert wav to β€˜bin’ using this tool. any other tool is need for that?

You can check the RADE ME inside the Audio file Converter file. No other tool now. Thanks!

it is not work large size of file

Dear Kyson
i want convert wave file to bin for download bin file to M66 flash memory, in user manual write use GenBinFile program but i cant find this program.
please give me a link to download GenBinFile.

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