GPS & UDP Socket

I have a BG95 and am able to do the following seperatly:

  1. Open a UDP socket and send/receive messages
  2. Start GPS and receive location information.

I am now trying to combine both processes to be able to get a location and then send it over UDP.

It seems that the socket does not work when GPS is set to On. Is this a limit of the BG96, or do I have a setting wrong?

I see an alternative option doing the following:

  1. Turn on GPS
  2. Get location
  3. Turn off GPS
  4. Establish a socket
  5. Send message

The problem with this is that it takes about 30 seconds between GPS turning on and getting the first location. Once it gets the first location subsequent locations are obtained very quickly, but I don’t think starting/stopping the service would be the best option.


Since BG95 share RF channel , There is one RF channel used by cell and GPS both ,