GPS Support for EC25-E


I am currently evaluating EC25-E using the standard EVB provided by the quectel.
Whenever I try to execute command to enable the GPS , i get CME error:

[2022-01-12 19:50:10:420_R:] AT+QGPS
[2022-01-12 19:50:10:420_R:] +CME ERROR: Operation not supported

I want to tell that I have LTE enabled SIM inserted in the slot . Connections done as per EVB guide.
SIM is working fine, with network getting discovered and information being fetched about it correctly.
I am puzzled as to what might be causing this. Any leads will be appreciated.

The read syntax includes a question mark: AT+QGPS?

You can enable stand-alone mode with other parameters set to defaults using: AT+QGPS=1

Turn GPS off again with: AT+QGPSEND