GPS problem not position

hi why mi gps fails

i live in Spain

L80 M39


Hi Dieggo,
Here are my suggestions:

  1. Please move to an open sky environment for testing. GPS modules rely on satellites signal, so that would be bad performance if you are testing indoors.
  2. Please confirm that the antenna is well connected to the module.
  3. Maybe the latest firmware will improve its performance. Please find attached. How to upgrade the firmware, please refer to L80_EVB_User_Guide.pdf. (1.1 MB)
    These documents may help you to get familiar to L80. (4.1 MB)

Best regards.

thanks i use the internal antenna

i have 2 bin in the zuip, but the guide use only 1

can yo explain the procedure?
i need conect ground to reset to update the module?

Hi Dieggo,
I’m sorry that I missed the upgrading tool. (5.2 MB)
You can get upgrade procedure for EVB_User_Guide.pdf , paragraph 6.

Best regards.
Quectel_L80&L80-R&L86&LC86L_EVB_User_Guide_V2.1.pdf (1.2 MB)