GPS location response callback error

I am trying to work with the Location API (threadX) on BG95-M1. I am getting error and I am not able to figure out the reason or find anything in the documentation related to them.

LOCATION RESPONSE CALLBACK err=0 id=4 [this error comes up when I try to run this line:

tv_byte_allocate [rx_buff] failed, 2 [this comes up when I am trying to call “tx_event_flags_get”]

That err means that , the RAM request of rx _buff failed , Pls confirm that , there is enough availbale RAM in your RAM pool .

I attached one doc to introduce the mechnism of RAM managerment in BG95 open solution.

Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_QuecOpen_RAM_Memory_Management_V1.0.pdf (438.6 KB)