GPS L86 not response and cannot change baud rate

Hi, I’m developing with GPS L86. I have 2 questions

  1. When I try to set baudrate into 115200 : $PQBAUD,W,115200*40CR> => but it’s not ok

There isn’t anything response and my GPS still send coordinate.
I can’t communicate with my L86. It’s still show NMEA messages and not anything change when I send the PMTK commands
I followed the L86 hardware design (RESET pin not connect to GND)
=> So can you list for me some reasons to solve this problem ?
2. Can you distinguish the difference between NMEA and PMTK. I think NMEA is the output and PMTK is the input. But sometime, I find NMEA is the output. So there are some confusions about this problem.

Thanks for your reply <3

Helllo, Any reply ? …

Hi @Tam_Ph_m ,

  1. The correct command to change baudrate to 115200:

  2. NMEA protocol consists of “standard message” and “proprietary messages”.
    2.1 What you mentioned as NMEA is the standard message for GNSS (RMC, GGA…)
    2.2 In the case of L86, PMTK is the proprietary messages defined by chipset supplier. It can be both input and output.

Best regards