GPS L80-M39 get GPS data in binary mode

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Is it possible to set the GPS module L80-M39 to output the GPS data in binary format?
From what I have found on internet this module is using MTK3339 and this one supports binary data output.
See link Binary Protocol

In the file GNSS_Flash_EPO_Application_Note I have found
//It is recommended to explicitly specify a baudrate when changing UART packet protocol, for example,

But this one is referring to EPO data transfer procedure.

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Please take a look if you can help this case, thank you.

Hi Gvi70000,

L80 module supports only NMEA data. PMTK253 command can switch to binary output. But only convert the ASCII char to binary data.

It is recommended to switch to binary mode only implementing flash EPO in AGNSS feature.

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Thank you for your reply.
I Think i will have to re-design my PCB to incorporate a GPS module that is supporting this feature.

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